Monday, August 15, 2011

"That's all Folks"

This week we are joined by Nick and Ashok, our 2 most regular guests.
There won't be much blurb because.....if you've been paying attention you'll know we're taking a hiatus. If you haven't been paying attention, well, we're taking a haitus.
Because of this today we discuss some very controversial topics, just because.
We then adjourn outside and enjoy the summer evening with some stogies, whiskey and fun company, remembering some fun times from our previous podcasts.
We'll be doing some podcasts in the upcoming monsts, but not a regular weekly thing, at least not for the near future.
And that, as they say, is that.
(BMSMA...used to be Kiss my shiney metal ass.)

Monday, August 8, 2011

What the Hell just Happened? Seriously, what happened this week?

This week, we start off fun, talking about Simon's flying and recent acquisition of a new endorsement, a party, a Doobie Brothers concert and Greg's attendance at a Cohiba store event.
Then we start to get into the meat of the stuff:
We're being told the world is falling to pieces, and a lot of it seems to be manufactured. 
The debt ceiling BS is having stock market implications and the 24 hour news media is going nuts over it of course.
There's rioting in London, and since people there are no longer allowed to defend themselves, it's getting out of hand.
Where's the debt repayment from the bailouts?
The problem with 24 hour news stations.
Then we talk about bad drivers of course too of course.
Just think what fun the 24 hour news stations would have had if they'd even around in 1911, on the cusp of World War 1....they'd probably have started it in 1912 instead of 1914, and would have gleefully told the Kaiser what the allies were planning, all for the sake of a good story.

Monday, August 1, 2011

It's August'd that happen?

This week we talk about Simon's super fun week (which included a wedding at Tilden Park above Berkeley, usually boring but not in this case.) although it started off bad with the person who rear ended his car 7 weeks ago trying to say Simon backed into him...yeh right, at a traffic light. Nice try ass hole.

Greg talks about his week, and for once, SImon's was more fun.

We do talk about the debt ceiling debacle that was finalized today, and we got shafted. No surprises there.

We postulate on the reason for San Jose's rising homicide's gang related, so guess where the gang members come from?

We also talk about a sad story, a quadriplegic man died while parachuting. It's sad, but sort of amusing too....sometimes nature tries to tell you when you shouldn't be doing something.

Of course, we talk about bad drivers too, as there's always lots of those about.



Monday, July 25, 2011

Crazy freakin' week!

This week was just nuts and to celebrate, we do the podcast in reverse order. Instead of talking about our weeks at the beginning, we do so at the end.

Where to start?!?!?!

A Norwegian nut job goes on a killing rampage, as part of his anti Islamic campaign...yeh, that'll really help they are just going to be reprisals. You know it....that's what those equally nutty religious zealots do. Now the government will want to take all the guns away from everyone, including all the sane normal people. Thanks a bunch.

Amy Winehouse died. Very sad, as she was very talented. However, it was a slow moving train wreck we all saw coming.

A Chinese bullet train crashed, killing and injuring a large number of people, but not as many as it could have done. We discuss the rumor of the driver being an Amy Winehouse fan, dismiss it, and put it down to poorly implemented technology, pushed through too quickly, primarily for the benefit of national pride....that's our theory and we're sticking to could well be wrong, but it does seem to be a pattern.

Greg reads a letter (genuine) from a Psychopath,  who argues that these are the people destined to rule the world....and they try to justify why. Unbelievable.

Talking of psychopaths, we talk about the debt ceiling too and the charade that is this side show. Well, our joint theory is that it's all a show and pre orchestrated. Here's someone who puts it far better than we can......It's a method called "Problem, Reaction, Solution" and it's a tried and tested method of getting the sheeple to do your bidding.

We didn't even get to talk about Sarah Palin's movie tanking at the box office.......Ahhhh haaaahhhhh! 

Finally, we sum up our own weeks. Greg's was work based so not much info there. Simon got to fly over the SFO Bay area at 12,500 feet, forgot his camera and took some photos with his iPhone.....nice view.

Leslie Salt Flats, The SF Bay Area.
Fog rolling in by the Golden Gate Bridge and the current fanning into the Bay.

As promised, here is a copy of the letter SImon received from his Congress women, Anna Eshoo in response to his letter suggesting that all of Congress and the Senate should not be paid if they can't do their job and get this self created mess cleared up....she ignored that part you'll notice.

July 25, 2011

Dear Simon,

Thank you for contacting me about federal spending and the statutory debt ceiling.  I fully share your deep concerns that we need to protect Social Security and Medicare.

As you know, the debt ceiling is the maximum borrowing limit of the federal government.  It currently stands at a whopping $14.294 trillion.  Should the ceiling not be extended, the United States would be forced to delay payments on our obligations.  These obligations include necessary payments to creditors and contractors, paying our troops, as well as state and local governments.  Very importantly, failure to raise the debt ceiling would delay critical payments to Medicare and Medicaid recipients, placing the burden of our national debt on our country's older Americans and the disabled.  The debt ceiling was reached on May 16th and the Treasury Department is now taking emergency actions to be able to continue paying our obligations through August 2nd

I share your serious concerns about our national debt and federal spending, and I fully understand the need to reduce the debt and the deficit.  I continue to vote for cuts across the federal budget (click here for a list of cuts I've voted for).

The vote on the debt ceiling has never been an easy vote for me to take.  Very few understand it, and no one thanks you for it.  Having said this, it is a profoundly important vote and it should not be used as a 'political football'.  Why?  Because it represents the full faith and credit of the United States of America.  We are not a deadbeat nation and the consequences of this decision are enormous.  With a fragile economy, not raising the debt ceiling would have large and long-term adverse consequences for our economy as a whole, devastate markets, and impact the global economy.  Economists from across the political spectrum have warned Congress not to take this path.

I support a 'clean extension' of the debt ceiling, free of any policy 'rider' provisions.  The legislation should be about one thing: ensuring that America pays its bills and continues to serve as the world's most reliable investment.  A 'clean extension' would not authorize any new spending.  It would ensure that we have the ability to pay the obligations we already owe. On May 31st the House considered H.R. 1954, legislation to raise the debt ceiling without any 'rider' provisions by $2.4 trillion.  I voted for it, but the legislation failed to pass the House by a vote of 97 to 318. 

I'm enclosing a copy of an Op-Ed I wrote for the Palo Alto Daily News on July 19th.  I will, of course, do everything I can to reduce spending, and bring our fiscal house to order.  Our collective future depends on a sound and strong economy, and a nation unburdened of heavy debt.  But it also means that Social Security and Medicare are not put on the chopping block.



Monday, July 18, 2011

It's the summer baby!

Welcome back to .....oh wait....

This week, we discuss the plethora of topics and whiz through them at a rapid said "whiz".

We indulge in the wonderful weather we're having and explore, albeit briefly, our favorite ways to enjoy it.

We review some of the movies we've seen recently:

We anticipate with childish joy the release of Winnie the Pooh. Is it a remake, a 'new' story or what?

Simon was up in Seattle, so he discusses that trip.

Carmageddon....the drama that wasn't.

More bad drivers, on foot and behind wheels.

Prius drivers....what the hell is wrong with them? Apparently, we're not the only ones to think this. We did a search on 'Why are Prius drivers so bad?" and got a host of results. Funny, if we didn't have to drive behind them.

The Casey Anthony trial, now it's all over. Can we move on? There's a reason people are tried by their peers, not by public opinion.

The Women's World Cup.....a competition with "World" in it that actually means "The World". Amazing.

Rupert Murdoch.....Ahhhh haaaaah. Pay back is a beatch isn't it. Schadenfreude is a dish best served in the full glare of public opinion, especially when the purveyor of such is on the receiving end for a change. Ah, Karma at work. 


Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello Matey peeps.

This week, the band is back together. Ashok, Greg and Simon hang out together for the first time since the UK trip. We recount some of the adventures, and Ashok's post York excursion up to Scotland, including Edinburgh, Glasgow (where he couldn't understand a word being said to him) and eventually up to Loch Ness. He sheds some insight into the monster.

We temporarily become grumpy old men, talking about lousy those who switch lanes at the last minutes, don't use their blinkers (indicators) and worse still...those in powerful cars who drive 19 miles an hour. We compare theories (DWA) and driving tests, before quickly moving on.

Yup, Greg brings up the Casey Anthony debacle.

We mourn the last Space Shuttle take off, but feel hopeful of the next phase of space exploration. 

Ashok just got back from a trip to Pakistan and he tells us about it, what's going on over there and a tourist trip he made to Taxila, Alexander the Great's base in that part of the world. Quite amazing. 

And that was that.

G&S (and A).

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy (American) Independence Day!

All right, friends ... welcome back!

Hope you're all enjoying the nice long Fourth of July weekend here in The States! It's been a great one so far. So great, in fact, that we recorded our podcast at a fantastic weekend BBQ over at our good friend Nick's house!

Our guests include Nick (of course), his lovely wife Karen, and Wendy Hall (who came up to hang out with us for the weekend).

So sit back, have a listen, and party down with us!

Oh yeah, and KMSMA. :-)

- Greg & Simon